How to choose a product for your fundraising campaign

How to Choose a Product for Your Fundraising Campaign


Doesn’t everyone love Girl Scout cookie season? There’s a reason why:

Everyone loves to give to charity while getting something in return (besides the amazing feeling of supporting a great cause!).

You can take this lesson into your next fundraising campaign. And you don’t have to go into it alone. We’ve got lots of experience here at Best Fundraising Ideas, and we are here to help you decide on the best product for your fundraiser.

Let’s get into it with our top product fundraiser tips.

Shop local.

What’s around you? We bet there are incredible makers and business owners around you that would love to partner with you.

There are lots of benefits to shopping local for your product fundraiser:

  • No waiting for shipping or items lost in shipment. Get your products on time and without the cost of shipping.
  • Local businesses have their own following in your community, so their fans can easily become your fans, too.
  • You get to build a lasting relationship that can benefit future fundraising initiatives, too.

Finding local businesses with awesome products is easy. Use online searches, word of mouth, or walking through your neighborhood or downtown.

Consider your price point.

Not every product will be a perfect match for your ideal donor and your fundraising goal.

Are you trying to raise lots of money for a big campaign? Are your donors able to afford the margin for higher priced, more attractive items? Then this is the best avenue to get you to your goal as soon as possible while delivering a product your donors will be excited about.

Or is your fundraising campaign goal more modest? Do you have younger donors? Then consider items that you can get for lower prices and pass along to your donors.

Browse Best Fundraising Ideas.

No need to be modest — we’re the experts in time-tested, creative fundraising ideas that will get your donors excited about your campaign. We’ve done all the hard work to curate all the best ideas for your product fundraiser here on Best Fundraising Ideas.

Take a look through our directory of fundraising ideas. You can use filters to find exactly what you want, then read up on all your options.

Tip! Some fundraising ideas even have links to sites where you can get products from trusted providers.

We’re so excited to see what products you choose! Good luck with your fundraiser.