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Kwala is an unlimited graphic design company that specializes in nonprofit design. To power your fundraising efforts, they design everything from fundraising flyers to social media graphics.

What You Need to Know About Professional Marketing Materials

What marketing materials do I need for a fundraiser?


It’s not enough to create a campaign page on your website and call it a day. Instead, you’ll need to carefully curate several marketing materials with eye-catching graphic designs to promote your fundraiser.

Depending on the nature of your campaign, you might create fundraising flyers, letters, yard signs, social media ads, and email newsletters. Your best bet is to use a combination of print and web advertisements. That way, you maximize the visibility of your campaign.


What platforms should I use to promote my fundraiser?


When promoting an upcoming campaign, your best bet is to spread the word across multiple platforms. This strategy is called multichannel marketing, and it’s the most effective way to share your message to the widest audience possible.

The exact combination of platforms you use will depend on your audience, but some of the most common include:

  • Social media: Get in touch with your younger audience by sharing posts about your fundraiser alongside eye-catching graphics.
  • Email: Send an email blast to your entire contact list or add a section about your campaign to your regular newsletter.
  • Direct mail: Send out fundraising letters to spark older generations’ interest in your campaign.
  • Places around the community: Post flyers on bulletin boards and have supporters put up yard signs about your fundraiser around your community to reach a local audience.

Brainstorm the right use of platforms for your campaign and determine who’d be most interested in participating. Think about it this way: each audience member has their preferred communication method. Individuals are more likely to notice your message if it comes through using their preferred platform.


What should I include in my nonprofit marketing materials?


No matter what your campaign is or who you’re trying to reach with it, there are certain elements you’ll want to include in your marketing materials. Here are a few that should be included in your design:

  • Campaign details. Include information like what the campaign is, what the proceeds will go toward, and how people can participate.
  • Eye-catching graphics. Your graphics are what will catch supporters’ eyes as they’re scrolling through their social media feeds or passing your flyers on the street. Use graphics that clearly communicate your campaign, such as cookies for a bake sale or animals for an animal rescue event.
  • Elements of your brand. Let supporters instantly know who created the flyer by including your official colors, logo, and fonts.

From flyers to social media ads, aim to strike the balance between graphics and written content. That way, you’ll reel supporters in and make sure they know crucial information about your campaign.

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