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Do you have the resources to host a car show fundraiser?

What You’ll Need for a Car Show

Ready to start your engines? A successful car show has many moving parts, but with proper planning, you’ll be able to create a memorable and entertaining event for all of your supporters. Here’s what you’ll need for your car show:

Spacious venue

For your event, you should be able to accommodate a significant number of cars while leaving ample space for attendees to walk around. A large parking lot or field would be ideal to fit the show cars, vendors’ booths, and other activities as well.


A large space and event necessitates an effective team of volunteers to make sure everything runs smoothly. Reach out to your current supporters with opportunities to get involved according to their skillsets. For instance, you’ll need volunteers to handle ticketing and additional donations at the event, as well as coordinating with vendors and local business sponsors.

Local vendors and sponsors

A car show is a wonderful way to build more connections with local businesses in your organization’s community. While you can sell your own food and refreshments, invite restaurants, bakeries, and other businesses to set up booths at your event and arrange to receive a percentage of their sales to support your cause.

Marketing materials

Spreading the word about your upcoming car show is fundamental to your event’s success. Create social media posts, flyers, and email updates that will generate excitement among your community and current supporters and encourage them to attend. Make sure you highlight your car show as an excellent opportunity to socialize, eat, and enjoy the local car culture.

Ways to Raise Funds at a Car Show

Make the most of your fundraising event by getting creative with your efforts. Along with accepting donations at the car show, consider these options:

  1. Admission tickets. Charge an admission fee to attend your event. You can have a few volunteers responsible for processing these at the car show, as well as an online event registration page that attendees can access ahead of time.
  2. Parking fees. For car and motorcycle owners interested in displaying their vehicles to the community, you can charge additional fees for parking spaces.
  3. Snacks and refreshments. Heighten the car show experience by having food and drink options available to attendees as they walk around and admire the show vehicles. In addition to local vendor booths, your volunteers can sell concessions on behalf of your organization.
  4. Raffles. Rev up the fun for your attendees by offering raffles to win prizes donated by your local sponsors. This could be anything from a free car wash to car accessories. You can even sell or give away some of your organization’s branded merchandise.

Bring your community together for a memorable event and drive your fundraising success by implementing these strategies into your car show.