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How to Host a Cookie-a-Thon

Let’s break down the basic steps of hosting a successful cookie-a-thon: 

1. Choose an organization to partner with.

The first step is to decide who you will be baking cookies for. This should be a group of people in need within your own community that your supporters would love to make a direct positive impact on. Consider:

  • Local homeless shelters
  • Hospitals
  • Nonprofits who serve people struggling with food insecurity

Contact them right away to see if they’d be interested in receiving a large number of cookies to distribute to those they serve. 

2. Determine the event’s time, date, and location.

Once you’ve decided on the organization your cookies will go to, choose your event’s timing and location. You’ll need a space big enough to accommodate all the supporters you expect to attend. It’s also important that the location you choose has a large kitchen!

Think about how many people will be in the kitchen baking at a time, and choose a venue that can support them adequately.

3. Promote the event to your supporters.

Go through your usual marketing channels to spread the word about this exciting opportunity to make a positive impact. Follow these tips to market the event effectively: 

  • Get creative with your marketing materials.
  • Make sure to explain the purpose of the event.
  • List the organization it will benefit.
  • Encourage your supporters to spread the word and invite their friends and families.
  • Share the event registration link in every communication and post.

Start marketing well in advance to generate a good turnout!

4. Gather your cookie baking supplies.

As you market the event, you can also put out a call for supporters to donate baking supplies. Or, as an alternative, require everyone who attends to bring one tub of cookie dough.

5. Host the cookie-a-thon and bake cookies!

With a good turnout, you’ll be able to have multiple groups of people baking at different times. As your guests will be going in and out of the kitchen, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to include other activities during their downtime.

These activities could include a raffle, speeches from members of your organization, or games and movies if you expect families to attend. Use the opportunity to talk to your supporters and build relationships. 

6. Have volunteers deliver the cookies to your partner organization.

Select a team of volunteers ahead of time to be ready to deliver the cookies as soon as the event ends. Depending on the number of cookies you expect to bake, it may also be a good idea to have volunteers on standby that are ready to deliver batches of cookies throughout the day.

Cookie-a-Thon Fundraising Tips

A cookie-a-thon is a more unique fundraising event in that the main purpose isn’t actually to raise money for your organization. Rather, the main goals of the event are community building and giving back to locals in your area, and raising money is secondary. 

But it’s still a fundraiser, right?

Yes! There are plenty of opportunities to get donations while your supporters are gathered together and the cookies are in the oven.

Here are just a few of the ways you can raise money in addition to baking cookies at your cookie-a-thon:

  • Require a small donation as an entrance or registration fee. 
  • Sell merchandise branded to your organization throughout the day.
  • Include a raffle at the event, in which supporters make a donation in exchange for a raffle ticket.

Cookie-a-thons also serve as a great opportunity to introduce new people to your nonprofit and explain why they should support your mission. By the end of the day, you can end up not only receiving a few donations, but also acquiring many brand new donors who will stick around.