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Easter Egg Hunts: Frequently Asked Questions

What are egg hunts?

Egg hunts are a classic children’s activity played during Easter, although they’re widely accepted as a general springtime party game that can be enjoyed at religious or secular gatherings alike.

Before the game, adults gather colorful “eggs” (hollow and usually made of plastic) and fill them with treats. They then hide the eggs around wherever the egg hunt will take place, whether in a backyard, playground, churchyard, or park. When it’s time to start, participating kids race around the area to find the most hidden eggs and collect them in a basket. 

What can you put into the eggs for an egg hunt?

For an egg hunt, the eggs are most commonly filled with a piece or two of candy or perhaps a dollar bill. But not every egg needs to contain the same number or value of treats—create a fun sense of competition by letting the participants know that of all the eggs, only a certain number of them contain money or another perk. For instance, a school hosting an egg hunt might hide a handful of free homework passes among all the eggs. 

To maximize competition and energy, hide one or two “golden eggs” that contain an extra-special perk above and beyond all the others, like a ten-dollar bill or gift certificate. 

How can you use egg hunts for fundraising?

To fundraise with an egg hunt, you have a few options. The easiest way will be to simply charge a small registration fee to participate and encourage further donations. 

But you can also get creative. Try having parents contribute donations ahead of time to make it the best egg hunt yet—half of each donation will go towards your organization, and the other half be converted into small bills or used for candy to go into the eggs. This encourages everyone to chip in to make sure each child walks away feeling like a winner. 

You can also easily combine your egg hunt with other fundraising activities to raise money, like an egg dyeing activity, ticketed luncheon, cooking or baking contest, an Easter egg-themed raffle for the adults, or paid photos with an Easter bunny character. 

How to Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

To plan an Easter egg hunt, you’ll want to adapt and follow these general steps:

  1. Lay out guidelines for your event. When will it take place, on Easter or a different day? Where will it take place? Make arrangements for the location if needed, like if you’ll be hosting the egg hunt in a public park.
  2. Determine how you’ll fundraise during the egg hunt. You might charge a flat entrance fee or take another creative approach. You can also easily combine your egg hunt with other springtime fundraising activities, so consider in advance what else needs to be planned or coordinated.
  3. Decide what you’ll put in the eggs. Candy, money, other special or more unique prizes? It’s helpful to know how you’ll be raising money before deciding on prize specifics since it can impact the event’s overall budget.
  4. Start promoting your event. Post flyers, share invites on social media, and more to start getting the word out. If you’re hosting the egg hunt for a church or private school, promote it in classes, services, and on newsletters. Be sure to clearly explain if there is a ticket fee or other paid system for parents to contribute to the event, and ask for advance RSVPs—having a rough headcount is extremely helpful when you begin purchasing materials.
  5. Gather eggs and treats. Recruit someone to handle the process of gathering materials for the event, including eggs, treats to put in them, and any other refreshments or decorations. If you’re hosting other activities alongside the egg hunt, recruit a larger team to oversee preparations. If you have an idea of how many families will attend, use that to guide your procurement. There should be plenty of eggs to go around and make it a satisfying event, but be mindful not to overdo it, too.
  6. Have a prep party. On the morning of your egg hunt, gather your team and volunteers to fill the eggs with treats, hide them around the activity area, and prepare any other activities or aspects of the event. Make it a party to show your appreciation! Coffee and donuts are an easy and always appreciated touch.
  7. Host your egg hunt! Unleash your participants to start scouring the area for eggs! Play music, enjoy refreshments, and be sure to remind parents why their support and donations are so important to your organization.

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