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Do you have the resources to host a face painting fundraiser?

How to Prepare for a Face Painting Fundraiser

To maximize your supporters’ experience and boost your revenue, you’ll need to secure volunteers, materials, and spread the word. To turn your face painting fundraising plan into a work of art, make sure you cover these essentials:


Before your event, put out a call for your most artistic volunteers to offer their skills and time at your face painting fundraiser. Make sure you recruit enough people so that kids and parents can get their faces painted in a timely manner. You can also appoint volunteers to oversee other activities at the event, such as collecting additional donations and replenishing art materials as needed.

Art Supplies

Set your painters up for success by providing them with enough art supplies to last the entire event. Assemble materials such as:

  • Water bowls
  • Paint brushes
  • Face paint
  • Mirrors

While face painting is a whole lot of fun, it can also be messy. Be sure to equip your volunteers with cleaning supplies such as wet wipes and towels to clean up in between painting sessions and after the event.

Marketing Materials

An artistic event calls for artistic event promotion materials. Consider enlisting some of your volunteers to design flyers and social media posts that will stimulate interest and excitement in your organization’s supporters. Get creative! You can even feature some face designs in your marketing, so those interested in attending can start thinking about which designs they’d like to choose.

More Ways to Fundraise Beyond Face Painting

Beyond face painting, take advantage of other opportunities to engage your supporters and raise extra funds for your organization. For instance, you can incorporate these ideas into your face painting event:

  • Sell concessions at your fundraiser. Have food and drink options available for attendees to purchase and enjoy while waiting in line or watching their children get their faces painted.
  • Arrange art classes for the children. You can charge an extra fee for children to attend classes with a volunteer art teacher and make paintings of their own.
  • Hold raffles. Encourage your supporters to buy raffles with art-related prizes, such as painting kits and canvases. You can even partner with local businesses that may be willing to provide prizes, such as art museum tickets.
  • Sell branded merchandise. Offer your attendees an additional way to support your organization by buying well-designed t-shirts and other accessories with your brand.
  • Take professional photos. Have a volunteer photographer take pictures of your supporters and their children with painted faces. They can then purchase these as cherished mementos of the experience.

Adding these options will heighten your supporters’ enjoyment of your face painting fundraiser while securing additional money to support your cause.