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Does your company have the resources to help organizations host a Fourth of July Picnic?

Why You Should Host a Fourth of July Picnic

By hosting a Fourth of July picnic, you can raise valuable funds for your cause while providing a fun event experience for your community. Consider the following benefits of a Fourth of July picnic:

  • It takes place on a beloved holiday. A classic American pastime is getting together, firing up the grill, and watching fireworks on our country’s birthday. The Fourth of July is a festive holiday, and people are often in a celebratory mood. Hosting a picnic or other event can tap into this holiday spirit and attract more attendees.
  • You can ask for many kinds of gifts. While a “donation” is usually thought of as a monetary contribution, it doesn’t have to be. You can collect other items, such as food and drinks for the picnic, as in-kind gifts. Eliminating as much overhead cost as possible maximizes your fundraising revenue, so offer as many opportunities for people to give as possible!
  • It can be held outdoors. A Fourth of July picnic is typically held outdoors, which makes it an ideal event during the summer months. People enjoy being outside in the warm weather and a picnic can provide an opportunity for them to do so while supporting a good cause. Plus, you don’t need an indoor event venue to host the event. If you’re looking to save money, try hosting the picnic on your office’s front lawn or in your director’s backyard.
  • It’s family-friendly: A Fourth of July picnic can be fun for the whole family, with activities for both children and adults. This can attract a broader range of attendees, increasing the potential for fundraising success.
  • You can sell food and drinks: Picnics are often associated with delicious food and drinks, which can be a major draw for attendees. Offering tasty treats can incentivize people to attend and support the fundraising cause.
  • It can supplement existing events: Perhaps your community has an annual Fourth of July parade that your nonprofit’s participating in. Hand out flyers to onlookers advertising the event after the parade so it’s fresh in their minds. You could even ask the city if you can host the picnic at the patch of land where the parade ends so hungry participants and watchers can conveniently attend.

How to Run a Successful Fourth of July Picnic

Before you plan your Fourth of July charity picnic, it’s important to understand the fundamental elements of all successful fundraising campaigns. To throw an effective campaign, your organization should:

  • Set SMART goals. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and timely. Creating goals for your picnic within these parameters ensures that your time spent setting goals is efficient and yields optimal results. 
  • Budget for the picnic. Budgets are a crucial part of any fundraising plan. Your picnic budget doesn’t have to be finalized right away, but ensure that you create a general estimate of your costs based on previous events, your financial goals, and your current available resources.
  • Create an activities plan. Depending on the scope of your picnic, you’ll likely want to provide several options of activities to draw in supporters besides the main event. You might determine these activities based on the popular elements of your previous fundraisers or your supporters’ interests.
  • Make a marketing plan. You should make your marketing outline several months ahead of your event. Similar to your budget, it doesn’t have to be set in stone immediately, but you should have a general idea of which marketing channels you want to use. Consider using patriotic branding, such as red, white, and blue colors, to get your audience’s attention.
  • Hammer out the logistics. Where will the picnic take place? Who will work the event? How will we monetize the event? Where will we get the food? What cause will the fundraised revenue from this event support? Answer these logistical questions and more in the planning stage so your picnic runs smoothly.
  • Whip your donation processor into shape. Remember to use an online donation form and payment processor that’s mobile-friendly so that you can maximize donations on the day of the picnic.
  • Create your case for support. Pull on your attendees’ heartstrings by making your case for support about why they should donate to your cause. Include your story, beneficiary accounts, vision for the future, and details about your campaigns so you can give your donors a full picture of what they’re investing in.

The Bottom Line

Overall, a Fourth of July picnic can be an excellent fundraising idea. Leveraging the infectious holiday spirit, outdoor setting, family-friendly nature, food and drink options, and various fundraising opportunities it provides can help your nonprofit find success. With a patriotic theme and proper social media promotion, you’ll have the entire community buzzing about your event and excited to show support for your cause!