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Quick And Easy
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Does your organization make school fundraising ssssuper ssssimple?

How the Make a Snake Fundraiser Works

When we said Make a Snake was easy, we were serious! This fundraiser takes only a little bit of planning and promotion time.

Here’s how it should go: 

  1. Set a fundraising goal for your school, class, team, or club. 
  2. Promote your fundraiser by asking students to gather up spare change and dollar bills around their homes (with their parents’ permission!). 
  3. On the designated “Make a Snake” day, students will bring the spare change they’ve gathered to school and simply make a “snake” with their coins and cash. 
  4. If you’re looking to add a little competition to mix, reward the classroom, team, or club with the longest snake by hosting an ice cream or pizza party. 


Getting Kids Excited About Your Make a Snake Fundraiser

The key to a successful Make a Snake fundraiser is the kids who are participating in it! You’ll need to make sure that they’re coming into Make a Snake day excited to see how much change and cash they’ve scrounged up for your school. 

Here are a few ideas for pumping up the excitement:

  • Encourage kids to get creative with where they find their money. Whether they’re picking up pennies in parking lots or searching through couch cushions at home, there are a number of places kids can find spare change and cash. You can even encourage parents to donate to their kids’ cash stash or provide a little money for the fundraiser after their kids complete some chores at home. 
  • Make the prize worthwhile. Make fundraising success extra enticing by offering a great prize. Don’t just throw an average pizza or ice cream party! Let your participants know you’ll be taking things to the next level. For example, maybe your school mascot will make an appearance at your pizza party. Or, perhaps you’ll have a build-you-own-sundae bar at your ice cream event. 
  • Make an event out of “making a snake.” When it comes time to determine just how much your participants have been able to raise, make an occasion out of it! Don’t just lay out coins and cash. Consider decorating the space where you’ll be making a snake, playing music, or having your principal present to declare the winner.