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Parents' Night Out Event Ideas Based on Different Organizations

There are many different organizations that can run a successful parents’ night out babysitting fundraiser, most of which have older kids or teenagers as their members. Think youth groups, sports teams, dance studios, and gymnastics centers. Even organizations like museums and zoos can gather volunteers to make this event happen. Let’s take a look at what a parents’ night out fundraiser might look like for different organizations:

1. Youth Groups

If your church, synagogue, or community center has a youth group, then you have the perfect babysitting volunteers! Host the event directly at your church, synagogue, or community center. If there are preschool classrooms or a designated place for kids, that’s even better!

If you want your event to be faith-based, try finding crafts or activities that align with the values of your organization.

2. Sports Teams

Gear this parents’ night out toward kids who love athletics. A gymnasium would be the perfect venue for members of a sports team to teach the kids a little about what they do.

Since sports teams are smaller organizations, assign each child a “buddy” from the team who will look after them for the night. That way, parents can rest assured that their children are getting individualized attention.

3. Dance Studios

Dance studios are great for parents’ night out babysitting fundraisers because they usually have ample open space to host activities. Kids will love looking at themselves in the mirror as members of the studio teach them their favorite dance moves!

Another reason why dance studios are a great host organization for this type of fundraiser is that they have speakers to play music. Ask the kids what their favorite songs are or use the speaker to play the audio of a movie.

4. Gymnastics Centers

This one is a little more tricky since gymnastics equipment can be dangerous, but if you plan it well, it could also be tons of fun. Like the sports team fundraiser, it would be helpful to pair children up with a “buddy” from the gym to watch them and help them use the equipment.

If the children are too young to use the gymnastics equipment, make sure to have alternative activities like crafts, games, or a movie.

5. Museums and Zoos

Night at the museum, anyone? Museums and zoos have tons of built-in activities for children to enjoy, keeping them entertained for hours. Let them explore the exhibits, watch a movie on a giant IMAX screen, or meet the animals. They’re sure to have a blast!

The biggest challenge for these organizations might be finding volunteers. Potential solutions include asking members of your membership program or teaming up with another organization like a sports team and splitting the profits.

Top 3 Essentials for a Parents' Night Out Babysitting Fundraiser

Now that you know how your organization can personalize its parents’ night out fundraiser, make sure you have these three essentials with you for the day of:


The most important part of the fundraiser is making sure you have people to watch the kids! Typically, teenagers and young adults work best, who are usually the members of the organization themselves.


Your event will most likely overlap with dinner time, so you’ll need to provide food for the kids. Pizza is always an easy and inexpensive option, and keep snacks on hand like chips or pretzels as well. Of course, you’ll also need plates, napkins, and cups for water.

Additionally, you’ll need a designated area to eat. Renting a folding table or even putting a table cloth on the floor to catch spills would work.


This is where you can get creative. Personalize it to your organization! Some tried and true favorites include crafts, games, sports, movies, moon bounces, and music. 

Since you’re trying to raise money, you’ll probably want to keep activity costs low. Seek out what supplies and equipment you already have and see if anyone from your organization can donate or lend things that they own.

Additional Resources for Recruiting and Managing Babysitting Volunteers

Not sure how to effectively recruit and manage your babysitting volunteers? These resources might be able to help: