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7 Steps For an Amazing Pie Throwing Fundraiser

So you’ve decided to host a pie throwing fundraiser. Follow these seven steps for a successful event!

1. Pick a date. 

Of course, you’ll need to start out by scheduling the event. Since pie throwing fundraisers are typically hosted outside for easier clean-up, you might want to consider hosting yours in the spring or fall. If it’s not super hot where you’re located, then summer would work, too!

2. Find a location.

Again, these fundraisers typically occur outside, but you’ll want to make sure you have ample outdoor space for the event. If your organization’s building has its own outdoor space, then that’s great! If not, consider looking into spaces like local parks or fields and book them in advance if necessary.

3. Recruit volunteers. 

Here’s where the fun kicks in. It’s time to find members of your organization willing to have pies thrown at them. Ideally, there should be at least five volunteers. Just make sure you let them know what they’re volunteering for!

4. Spread the word.

Since this fundraising event is casual with no limit on how many people can come, make sure you really advertise it well. Leverage any means of communication you can, including fliers, posters, email lists, social media, and more. Let people know the time, location, how much you’ll charge per pie, and who the volunteers are. That way, if there’s someone they know, they might be more willing to come and join in on the fun!

5. Enjoy the event!

The day’s finally here! Make sure you have your whipped cream and tin foil plates, and you’re good to go!

Pie throwing fundraisers are undeniably fun, so sit back, relax, and join in on the laughs! Remember to take lots of funny pictures of your volunteers so you can post about the event’s success on social media after it’s done.

6. Clean up.

Pie throwing fundraisers can get messy. Have a clean-up plan in place before the event to make cleaning up easier. For example, lay a tarp or table cloth on the ground to catch falling whipped cream and gather volunteers to make the clean-up process quick.

7. Thank your volunteers and share about the event.

Your pie throwing fundraiser was incredible, so you’ll want everyone to know all about it! Thank your volunteers for their willingness to participate, send out an email to your organization recapping the event, and post those funny pictures on social media (with your volunteers’ permission, of course).

Best Host Organizations for a Pie Throwing Fundraiser

Wondering if a pie throwing fundraiser is right for your organization? Here are some types of organizations who have hosted successful pie throwing fundraisers in the past:

  • Charities and foundations
  • Clubs
  • Companies
  • Fraternities and sororities
  • Police or fire stations
  • Sports teams

If your organization falls under one of these categories, go ahead and plan your pie throwing fundraiser! If it doesn’t, that doesn’t mean your event won’t be successful! Forge your own path, and you could be a trailblazer for other organizations looking to host their own pie throwing fundraiser!

Other Ways to Fundraise at a Pie Throwing Fundraiser

Although you’ll be raising funds by charging people per pie that they throw, you might want to offer some additional opportunities for raising money at your event. Here are some options:

  • A raffle. Raffles are such a simple and easy addition to your pie throwing fundraiser. All you’ll need is raffle tickets and a prize. To keep it on theme, see if a local bakery will donate a real pie to raffle off!
  • T-shirts. Commemorate the event with some fun pie-themed t-shirts you can sell!
  • Snacks and refreshments. Especially if you’re hosting your pie throwing fundraiser outside, you may want to offer snacks and drinks for purchase. Again, if a local bakery is willing to donate slices of pie, that’s even better!