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Does your company have the resources to help organizations host a plant-a-thon?

4 Steps for Hosting a Plant-a-thon

To prepare for a successful plant-a-thon, you’ll need a comprehensive fundraising plan. Follow these four essential steps to maximize your results:

1. Acquire tree saplings for planting.

First and foremost, you’ll need to obtain a large number of tree saplings that your peer-to-peer participants will plant during the event. To do so, consider partnering with a local natural resource agency or environmental nonprofit to determine which tree species need to be planted and acquire the saplings for supporters to plant.

2. Recruit plant-a-thon participants.

Once you have the event’s logistics in order, it’s time to recruit your plant-a-thon participants. Broadcast this opportunity to your supporters through channels such as your organization’s email newsletter, website, and social media posts. Make it easy for them to find your registration page and fill out the form by including a link in all of your promotional materials.

Additionally, you should prepare resources for those who sign up, such as a brand and messaging guide, so that they can create individual fundraising pages that are effective, polished, and cohesive.

3. Host your plant-a-thon.

Ensure that your plant-a-thon is a rewarding and memorable experience for everyone involved by providing all of the necessary equipment for participants to start planting trees, including gloves and shovels.

Consider taking pictures throughout the event to post on social media and encourage more support for your fundraiser.

4. Thank your supporters.

After a successful plant-a-thon, it’s crucial to follow up with participants and donors to express your appreciation for all of their support. Some popular ways to say thank you include:

  • Email
  • eCards
  • Social media shoutouts
  • Gifts, such as gift cards
  • Appreciation events

In your messaging, specify the impact of supporters’ contributions, such as the total amount raised for your cause, to keep them invested in powering your mission moving forward.

4 Tips to Boost Your Plant-a-thon Results

Beyond the basic steps to hosting a plant-a-thon, there are some additional tips your organization can consider to level up your fundraising event:

  • Invite professionals, such as arborists, to train and educate your plant-a-thon participants.
  • Sell branded merchandise, including water bottles and hats, to raise additional revenue.
  • Offer prizes for participants who raise a certain amount of funds.
  • Secure corporate sponsorships to reduce your event costs.

Factor these tips into your plant-a-thon fundraising plan upfront to create an engaging and productive experience for both your organization and its supporters!