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Progressive Dinner Fundraiser Basics

A progressive dinner party is a feast that takes place at several houses—each course is served by a different host! For example, everyone might start by eating salads at one house, then move to the next one for appetizers, another one for entrees, and so on.

Your nonprofit can turn this into a fundraiser by organizing a progressive dinner among volunteers and selling tickets for supporters to participate. Use the following tips to launch your progressive dinner party:

1. Recruit volunteers to cook.

First, you’ll need to recruit a team of chefs who are willing to open their homes for the fundraiser. Try to find volunteers who live a short distance from each other, keeping in mind that participants will need to travel from house to house for the event.

2. Plan the food and order of homes.

Although you’ll have a variety of chefs, each part of the meal should still go nicely together. For example, it wouldn’t make sense for one home to serve garlic toast and the next to prepare salmon! Whether you coordinate the meals or delegate this task to your volunteers, be sure the food items make a full meal.

The order in which the food should be served will also affect the order in which participants visit houses, so be sure to plan your meals accordingly. For example, if all your volunteers live in the same neighborhood, ask the volunteer that lives at the top of the neighborhood to handle the first food item and the other houses to follow.

3. Promote the dinner and sell tickets!

After planning, all that’s left is to promote your event and sell tickets! Be sure to protect your volunteers’ privacy by only giving addresses to people who have registered for the event. Promote it among all your marketing channels to maximize your event turnout.

Benefits Of A Progressive Dinner Fundraiser

Not only will your nonprofit raise money through a ticketed progressive dinner, but your supporters will strengthen their connections with each other, as well. The entire event will encourage stronger relationships between supporters and donors, all while drawing attention to your cause!