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Does your company have the resources to help organizations host a sip and plant event? Consider sponsoring this fundraising idea!

Sip and Plant Fundraisers: The Essentials

How does a sip and plant fundraiser work?

Sip and plants are very straightforward. Your nonprofit provides drinks and planting supplies to guests, then they sip and plant!

Here’s a quick breakdown of what a sip and plant fundraiser looks like in more detail:

  1. Guests buy tickets to the event. Use an online registration page on your nonprofit’s website to make this process easy. Be sure to price your tickets high enough to cover the cost of supplies and serve as a donation to your cause.
  2. Attendees choose their drinks and planting supplies. It’s best to have multiple beverage options and a variety of plants to choose from. Popular species for sip and plant events include small succulents and air plants. These plants are also some of the easiest to take care of!
  3. Guests sip and plant! You should have volunteers on hand to show guests the basics of planting and answer any questions. Attendees then get to socialize and drink while they create their masterpieces. Including extra supplies like moss and painted rocks allows guests to get creative. If you have paints, you can even let them paint the outside of their pots.
  4. Attendees take home their new plants. At the end of the event, every guest gets to walk out with their very own plant. Be sure to provide instructions on how to take care of the plants so guests can enjoy them at home for as long as possible.

What do you need to host a sip and plant fundraiser?

Hosting a successful sip and plant event requires a good amount of supplies. Make sure you have enough resources or room in your budget available before choosing to host this fundraiser. Or, reach out to your supporters and corporate partners to ask for supplies as in-kind donations.

At a minimum, you’ll need enough of the following items for every guest:

  • Succulents
  • Pots or Terrariums
  • Soil
  • Drinks

If you want to take your sip and plant fundraiser to the next level, you could also consider including:

  • Terrarium decorations like sea shells and moss
  • Paints and paintbrushes to decorate pots
  • Other refreshments like snacks and baked goods

Ultimately, a sip and plant fundraiser is what you make it. Consider your audience’s preferences, your existing resources, and your budget to determine what additional supplies you can offer.

Why should you host a sip and plant fundraiser?

Succulents and other small plants are very popular right now due to how easy they are to take care of. Add in drinks and the chance to socialize with friends and community members, and you have a trendy and exciting event! 

Not only that, but planting with your supporters also gives you the chance to highlight any environmental or sustainable causes your organization supports.

Tips for Running a Successful Sip and Plant Event

To make sure your sip and plant fundraiser runs smoothly and successfully engages all of your guests, use these tips:

  • Have a volunteer check IDs at the door. If you’re serving cocktails and other alcoholic drinks at your event, you’ll need to make sure every attendee is 21 and over.
  • Ask participants to post photos on social media. Create a hashtag for the event, like #PlantingForPuppies, to make social sharing easier. Encourage guests to share their photos with their own networks and tag your organization so you can repost them on your nonprofit’s page.
  • Choose the right music. A good playlist can make all the difference in a successful planting party! Consider asking one of your volunteers to create a special playlist for the fundraiser to ensure the music is just right.