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Could your organization help nonprofits host a skating fundraiser? Consider sponsoring this fundraising idea to expand your network!

What is a skating fundraiser?

Your fundraiser only needs one thing to be considered a skating fundraiser: skating! This idea is highly customizable and suited to any audience that enjoys skating. Your attendees don’t need to have Tony Hawk’s skills and bravery in the half-pipe to participate—all they need is a willing attitude (and a helmet, of course).

You can center your fundraiser around any type of skating and hold it in a venue that meets your budgetary needs. Make sure supporters know that they are all invited to attend, even if they’ve never strapped on a pair of rollerblades or stepped out on an ice rink before.

7 Fun Skating Event Ideas

There are a few different types of skating you can center your fundraiser around, depending on your supporters’ interests, abilities, and the time of year. Here are the primary types of skating activities, including pointers for the time of year they’ll work best for:

  • Roller skating/blading: Because this can be held in indoor skating rinks, this idea is great for all times of the year.
  • Skateboarding: Consider holding a skateboarding fundraiser in the warmer months or early fall when temperatures are mild.
  • Ice skating: While there are many indoor skating rinks, this is a great activity to pair with hot chocolate and holiday or winter-themed fundraisers. 

A creative idea will draw your supporters out to your skating fundraiser. Here are some ways to structure your fundraiser to engage supporters:

  • Rent out a skating rink and charge an entry fee.
  • Work with a rink or skate park to do a percentage night where the business shares a portion of its revenue with your organization. 
  • Hold a skating competition at a park or rink, allowing supporters to enter and show their skills.
  • Add a fun theme to the skating event, like playing disco music or encouraging attendees to dress up in fashion from their favorite decade.

Safety First: Protecting Participants at Your Fundraiser

While fun, it’s important to acknowledge that skating is a dangerous sport that can lead to injuries. The safety of participants is paramount, and an accident or injury can quickly shift the mood at your fundraiser. To protect attendees, take the following safety precautions:

  • Require all skaters to wear protective gear such as helmets, elbow and knee pads, and closed-toe shoes (for skateboarding). 
  • Request an on-site EMT to quickly take care of any injuries (particularly if participants will be performing tricks).
  • Have all participants sign an activity waiver before stepping on the rink.
  • Recruit a few seasoned skaters to be volunteers. Ask them to assist newcomers, teaching them the basics as well as the ways they can avoid being injured. 
  • Have a first aid kit ready for minor cuts and scrapes.
  • Display rules and safety guidelines prominently on signs at the venue.