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Does your company have the resources to help organizations host an ugly sweater party?

5 Steps to Organize an Ugly Sweater Party

Ready to knit together a compelling event plan for your ugly sweater party? Use these essential steps to guide your planning:

1. Determine your resources and objectives.

Hosting an unforgettable fundraiser begins with understanding your resources and determining how you’ll allocate them to achieve your goals. Meet up with your team to determine your budget and fundraising goals in advance. Ensure that your goals are specific, measurable, and realistic to set your organization up to reach them.

2. Make arrangements for your ugly sweater party.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly when your party begins, take the time to address all of the logistics in advance. Some essential arrangements to consider are:

  • Securing a suitable venue. First and foremost, you’ll need a venue for your ugly sweater party. Keep in mind how many attendees you’re expecting and your organization’s budget as you narrow down venues that will best suit your needs.
  • Recruiting volunteers. There are numerous tasks that volunteers can take on to help create a memorable and enjoyable party experience. Consider recruiting volunteers to cover responsibilities such as setting up decorations and welcoming attendees.
  • Finding corporate sponsors. Reach out to local businesses to secure sponsors for your ugly sweater party. These corporate sponsors can not only assist with your nonprofit’s event expenses, but enhance your overall marketing efforts as well.
  • Providing food and beverages. An ugly sweater party isn’t complete without mouthwatering holiday treats! Whether your organization is looking to hire a catering company or partner with a local vendor, be sure to factor food and beverages into your event plan.

Once you have all of these basics figured out, you’ll be able to confidently and efficiently move forward with your ugly sweater party.

3. Promote your ugly sweater party.

Spread some holiday cheer by promoting your upcoming ugly sweater party to your supporters and local community. Diversify your communications to reach as many people as possible, using methods such as email, text messaging, social media, and flyers. On all of your event materials, be sure to include a link to your party registration page so those who are interested in attending can purchase a ticket at their leisure.

4. Host your ugly sweater party.

When all your planning is complete, it’s time for the fun to begin! Boost engagement among your attendees by incorporating activities such as holiday karaoke and crafts. In addition to ticket purchases, you can set up a donation booth at the party to encourage further support from your guests.

5. Follow up with event attendees.

After any successful event, it’s crucial to reach out to your supporters and thank them for attending. Beyond thank-you letters, consider sending out post-event surveys to gauge their experience and help inform improvements to your ugly sweater party next year.

Bonus Fundraising Ideas for Your Ugly Sweater Party

With a little creativity, there are some additional strategies you can implement to upgrade your ugly sweater fundraising. For instance, consider the following options:

  • Charging a small fee for guests to cast votes on the ugliest sweater at the party
  • Holding raffles for attendees to win holiday gift baskets and treats
  • Selling branded merchandise such as ornaments, mugs, and (of course) sweaters
  • Adding text-to-give to your ugly sweater party

This winter season, bring your organization’s supporters together for a warm and festive gathering to celebrate the iconic ugly sweater tradition and raise funds for a worthy cause. All it takes is some thoughtful planning and a little holiday spirit to organize an ugly sweater party like snow other.