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Vacation Auction Prize Ideas

With a vacation auction, you can feel free to get creative with the businesses you partner with and the prizes you offer. Some popular prize ideas include:

  • All-expense-paid trips
  • Airplane tickets
  • Hotel and resort stays
  • Cruise trips
  • Local tours
  • Dinner for two

If you’re worried about breaking the bank with your vacation packages—don’t stress! There are plenty of packages your nonprofit can offer with a variety of different price points.

Additionally, your nonprofit can partner with vacation-related businesses to avoid paying for vacation packages outright. These businesses will expect some sort of benefit from your partnership as well. For example, a local hotel might offer a free three-night stay in exchange for their logo being featured on your promotional materials.

Vacation Destination Ideas

Everyone has a different idea of what their perfect vacation looks like. For example, some people would prefer to visit a location with a hotter climate, whereas others might prefer a more temperate climate for their trip. Your vacation auction packages don’t need to be limited to a single location—you can mix things up by offering packages for a variety of locations.

Popular vacation destinations include:

  • Beaches. For individuals who enjoy hotter climates, swimming, and sunbathing, a beach vacation would be perfect.
  • Lakes. Some supporters may be fond of the water, but not fond of the heat. In that case, offer some lakeside vacation packages.
  • Mountains. Mountains are a great location for beautiful scenery. Include a cabin stay for a romantic getaway in your vacation auction.
  • National parks. Speaking of scenery, nothing beats connecting with nature in a national park. Should your nonprofit have the budget, an all-expenses-paid trip to a national park would be an extremely memorable experience for supporters.
  • Ski resorts. Perfect for a winter vacation, ski resorts allow individuals to take part in fun sports activities during the day and curl up with hot chocolate at night.
  • Other countries. Not everyone gets the opportunity to visit other countries—consider offering plane tickets or airplane credit in your auction so the winner can book the overseas trip they’ve been dreaming of.

To appeal to the most amount of supporters, offer a variety of vacation packages to different destinations.

Which Organizations Should Host a Vacation Auction?

Vacation auctions appeal to all types of people, but mainly to couples and families. That’s why these organizations would benefit the most from hosting this event:

  • Schools and educational organizations
  • Park nonprofits and foundations
  • Arts and cultural organizations