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What is Streaming?

You’re probably already participating in streaming and just haven’t realized it yet! Whenever you open Netflix to watch a movie or Spotify to listen to music, you’re streaming content. Streaming refers to media content that is delivered to computers and mobile devices over the internet. You can stream movies, tv shows, podcasts, music, and more!

Live streaming is when someone delivers this content in real time. Awards shows, sports events, and video games are the most popular types of live streaming content. Video gamers in particular have many live streaming platforms they can choose from, including Twitch, Youtube Gaming, and Tiktok.

In order to live stream video games, you’ll need a gaming console, such as a computer or an Xbox, with a fast internet connection.

2 Ways to Use Video Game Streaming for Fundraising

There are two main ways you can use video game streaming for fundraising.

1. Host a stream

For this option, your nonprofit will decide on a specific day to host its own video game stream. Enlist staff or volunteers to set up the stream and play popular and competitive games with each other, such as Valorant or Super Smash Bros. This will allow viewers to engage with your stream, as they’ll be able to pick a player to root for.

Another way to increase viewer engagement is by using features and integrations that already exist in the streaming platform. For example, Twitch has a poll feature, where you can ask stream viewers a question, and they can pick their answer from a list.

Be sure to promote your video game stream through all your marketing channels, such as through your email newsletter, social media, and your website.

2. Partner with a streamer

The other way you can use video game streaming to fundraise is to partner with an existing streamer by asking them to host a charity stream for your nonprofit. One of the benefits of this strategy is you won’t be the only person in charge of marketing, as the streamer will promote the charity stream through their communication channels.

During these partnered streams, the streamer will educate viewers about your nonprofit and encourage them to donate. They will include links to your donation page so that viewers can easily make a gift and then continue watching. Some generous streamers will even host longer streams and donate all the gifts they receive during that stream to your nonprofit.

While many streamers will be happy to host a charity stream, your nonprofit should offer some form of compensation in exchange. For example, you might send them your nonprofit’s merchandise, a gift like flowers, or even a little trophy to commemorate your partnership.

Examples of Nonprofit Video Game Streaming Fundraisers

Here are some great examples of existing nonprofit video game streaming fundraisers: