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How to Raise Funds with a Wine Tasting

With a wine tasting, it may not be immediately obvious how your organization can raise funds. However, it’s still a valuable fundraising event, as you can raise funds through:

  • Sponsorships. Many local businesses are happy to sponsor your organization’s event in exchange for positive publicity. For example, your local winery may allow you to use their event space and their wine in exchange for including their branding on your promotional materials and thanking them in your end of event speech.
  • Raffles. Another way to increase your fundraising capability for your wine tasting is by holding a raffle. Create baskets with bottles of wine, cheeses, wine glasses, and other wine-related paraphernalia and ask attendees to buy raffle tickets for a chance to win a basket.
  • Auctions. Hold an auction at your wine-tasting for particularly rare and expensive wines or even trips to other wineries and breweries.

Aside from these ideas, you should also charge attendees a fee to attend to help you increase the amount you raise.

3 Ways to Spice Up Your Wine Tasting

1. Hire a sommelier.

A sommelier can add a lot to a wine tasting experience. Not only will they be able to teach attendees the proper way to taste and drink wine, they’ll also have knowledge of the specific wines your event offers. Hiring a sommelier means that your attendees will learn more about the history of the wine and the tasting notes, and their presence will give your event a professional touch.

2. Offer food as well as wine.

Since your guests will be drinking a lot of alcohol, they’ll need food to prevent alcohol sickness. While many wine tastings offer snacks and wine accompaniments such as cheeses, go a step further and offer small entrees and more substantial food.

3. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

During a wine tasting, there will be a large amount of time where attendees are left to their own devices to sip wine and chat with other guests. To help facilitate a pleasant event, create a warm and inviting atmosphere that your attendees will enjoy. This could mean hiring a live band and lighting candles to create a dim and intimate environment.

What Organizations Should Host a Wine Tasting?

Because wine is an alcoholic beverage, this event is suitable for adults but not children. Organizations that should consider hosting a wine tasting include:

  • Clubs and communities
  • Companies
  • Nonprofits

However, even if your organization is centered on children, don’t overlook the adults in their lives. For example, your school could host a parent’s wine tasting night. They’ll be able to leave their kids at home with a babysitter and have a fun and relaxing night.