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Answering Your Cake Walk Questions

Cake Walk FAQs

How Does a Cake Walk Fundraiser Work?

There are actually two ways to host a cake walk fundraiser that are slightly different but both fun and filled with treats. Here are the options:

Option 1: Number the Cakes

For this type of cake walk, lay out each cake on a table and number each of them. Make sure that participants can see the numbers. Set up markers on the floor such as paper plates in a circle. Each plate should have a number on it. You’ll also want to write down each number on a piece of paper and put it in a hat or jar.

Since you will give out one cake per round, you will have as many rounds as there are cakes. For example, if there are 15 cakes, there will be 15 rounds. 

For each round, participants will buy tickets. It’s up to you whether you want to allow people to buy multiple tickets per round. Tickets for these types of events are typically between $0.50 and $1.

When the round starts, play music and have your participants walk or dance in a circle around the markers. To end the round, stop the music. Each participant will go to the marker closest to them.

Now, you will pick a number from the hat or jar. Whoever is standing on that number wins the corresponding cake!

Option 2: Winner Chooses a Cake

As for the first option, you’ll want to display the cakes on a table, but there’s no need to number them. You will still set up markers on the floor and number them. You’ll also want to write down each number on a piece of paper and put it in a hat or jar.

Again, you will give out one cake per round, so you will have as many rounds as there are cakes. However, if you have a lot of cakes, you can give out multiple cakes per round by drawing multiple numbers.

Participants will buy tickets and start walking when the music starts. When you stop the music, each participant will go to the marker closest to them.

Pick a number from the hat or jar. Whoever is standing on that number gets to choose whichever cake they want. 

Helpful Tip: This option is more allergy-friendly and often ends up being more satisfying to participants since they get to take home their favorite cake!


What Organizations Can Host a Bake Sale Fundraiser?

Cake walks are great ways to fundraise for a number of organizations, including: 

  • Schools
  • Nonprofits
  • Businesses
  • Churches
  • Clubs and community organizations
  • Sports teams/programs

All you need is a location and members of your community to participate, and you should be good to go! Oh, and cakes, of course!


How Do You Get the Cakes? 

The big question. Just how do you get so many cakes?

There are two options, and it’s probably best to use both of them.

The first option is to ask volunteers to make or buy a cake and donate it. This way, you’re getting members of your community involved and excited about the fundraiser before it even starts.

Another option is to see if local bakeries or grocery stores would be willing to donate cakes. To incentivize these businesses to participate, you could offer them a certificate of donation for their taxes.

The best part is that both options are completely free to your organization, maximizing the funds you can donate.


How Do You Handle Allergies?

Since food allergies are so common, it’s a valid question of how to handle them for a cake walk fundraiser. Here are some ideas to help:

  1. Include ingredient labels. So that people know what’s in each cake, request that those who donate them include a small piece of paper with the list of ingredients. For bakeries, make sure they indicate if any cross-contamination could have occurred.
  2. Let people choose their cakes. The second cake walk fundraising option is probably ideal if you’re concerned about allergies since people can choose their own cakes.
  3. Offer alternative prizes. Although it’s in the name, you don’t have to give away just cakes! Any baked goods will work. However, if you want your cake walk to be more allergy-friendly, think about other prizes you could offer. For example, kids would love to win a stuffed animal or toy!

5 Cake Walk Best Practices

To make your cake walk the best that it can be, follow these five cake walk best practices: 

  1. Find a great location. Make you have a big enough location for everyone to gather like a school gym, social hall, or community center. You might choose to pair your event with a different gathering at that location, such as a fall festival or summer farmers market. 
  2. Promote your cake walk in advance. You’ll want all of your bakers to know about your event in advance as well as your participants. Use different marketing methods to spread the word such as flyers, emails, social media posts, and announcements during prior meetings or events of your organization.
  3. Combine it with another event. To maximize your fundraising efforts, combine your cake walk with another event. For example, your cake walk could be just one event at a school’s carnival or back-to-school festival. 
  4. Offer to advertise for bakeries that donate. To entice bakeries to contribute cakes, offer to advertise for them at your event. You could have them give you a sign or banner to display or make one yourself. 
  5. Thank those who donated cakes. Your event would not be possible without the volunteers and bakeries who donated cakes for your cake walk. Thank them with a handwritten letter to show how much you appreciate them.

Other Ways to Enhance Your Cake Walk Fundraiser

Want to make your cake walk even better? Check out these ideas:

  • Include cake plates with the cakes. What could make a cake even better? A fun plate that comes with it! You can ask members of your community to donate inexpensive cake plates with their cakes or instead of donating a cake.
  • Combine your event with another fundraising method. Why not keep the dessert theme going? In addition to your cake walk, you could host a mini bake sale on the side with additional donated desserts from volunteers or bakeries.
  • Make your cake walk themed. Center your event around an upcoming holiday. You could have a spooky Halloween cake walk with haunting music or a Valentine’s Day cake walk with cakes decorated in hearts. The possibilities are endless!