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Does your craft organization work with nonprofits? Consider sponsoring this fundraising idea to help out nonprofits looking to partner with other organizations!

Types of Craft Fairs

There are many different types of craft fairs you can host, including:

  • Specific craft. Dedicate your fair to a specific craft like knitting, crocheting, or metalworking.
  • Craft clubs. Perfect for schools, this type of fair is where different craft clubs spread awareness of their organization and recruit new members.
  • Lessons. Since craft fairs attract advanced crafters as well as novices, a lesson-themed craft fair focuses more on teaching crafting concepts and skills.
  • Competition. Have crafters submit their work and invite a panel of judges to determine the best work. You can hold multiple competitions for different crafts!

For your first craft fair, no matter which type you choose, it’s recommended to start with a smaller event to help you evaluate the attention it gets. If it goes well, you can consider making the event annual and expanding it by booking a larger venue, allowing more attendees, and hosting it over multiple days.

How to Raise Funds with Your Craft Fair

Here are a few ways you can fundraise with your craft fair:

  • Ticket sales. Your nonprofit can sell tickets to vendors and attendees and keep the funds raised in this manner.
  • Percentage of sales. At the end of the event, you can collect a percentage of the sales made by vendors in exchange for the publicity and awareness generated for them by participating in your event.
  • Host raffles. Offer high-quality craft supplies or finished products for raffle prizes, such as hand-dyed yarn or a watercolor art piece. You can even ask vendors to supply your raffle prizes instead of paying the vendor fee.

Which Organizations Should Host a Craft Fair?

Because of their versatility, most nonprofits can host a craft fair. However, these organizations would benefit the most from hosting this event:

  • Schools.
  • Churches.
  • Craft organizations.