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Do you have the resources to host an art show fundraiser?

Best Practices for Hosting an Art Show Fundraiser

While putting on an art show seems straightforward, there’s more to a successful art show fundraiser than simply displaying art for supporters to admire. Take a look at these best practices to maximize your fundraising results:

Find a suitable venue

A large, prestigious space would be a perfect venue to present the artwork for your fundraiser. There should ideally be plenty of room for art displays to stand and blank stretches of wall to hang artwork.

Display meaningful artwork

Depending on your organization type and goals, you could call for submissions related to your cause or feature artwork created by your supporters. If you’re a school, displaying your students’ art is a wonderful way to foster deeper engagement from their parents and introduce them to your art program.

Market creatively

The “art” in art show doesn’t begin when the event starts. Set the tone for creativity in your marketing materials as well! Consider enlisting some of the artists that will be featured in your art show to create designs for your event flyers and social media posts. This will give those who are interested in attending a glimpse of what to expect at the show and whet their appetites for exceptional art.

Encourage donations

Consider charging an admission fee to your art show fundraiser. Beyond that, enlist volunteers to encourage donations from attendees throughout the event. Art sales can bring in substantial funds for your organization, as long as you price them appropriately.

More Ways to Fundraise at Your Art Show

A notable advantage of art show fundraisers is that you can easily incorporate other fundraising initiatives into the event. To enhance your fundraising efforts, consider:

  • Pairing your art show with a charity concert. Expand your art show into a celebration of music by inviting performers to give a concert alongside the exhibition. This way, you’ll attract both art and music lovers to support your organization’s cause.
  • Incorporate art activities into the show. Encourage your attendees to go beyond just admiring the art on the walls and create some themselves. For instance, you can have them collaboratively contribute to a large canvas that can eventually be purchased at the end of the event.
  • Sell refreshments. Enhance your supporters’ experience by selling food and drink for them to enjoy while walking around and appreciating the art.
  • Hold raffles. Raffles can be an engaging way for attendees to support your organization while securing a chance to win an interesting prize. For your art show, you can provide art supplies or branded merchandise to raffle winners.

Unite your community and cultivate support for your cause through a shared appreciation of art. By incorporating these additional strategies into your fundraiser, you can set your organization up for success.