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5 Steps to Plan a Dog Training Event Fundraiser

Your dog training fundraiser should be well-thought-out to provide attendees with valuable insights that they can use in their daily lives. Follow these steps to plan your dog training fundraiser: 

  1. Recruit volunteers. Ask a dog trainer at your organization or within your community to lead the training portion of the event. Recruit other volunteers to help manage the event, completing tasks such as checking participants in or handing out branded merchandise.
  2. Plan your training program. Your training event should provide participants with actionable takeaways so that they have a great experience and feel motivated to continue engaging with your organization. Work with the trainer to ensure that the program contains multiple helpful tips and practice opportunities. You might host multiple training sessions so that dog owners can build on new skills over time. 
  3. Choose the right event location. You’ll need plenty of space for dog owners and their pups to spread out and practice their new skills. Choose an event venue with sufficient space based on your expected attendance rate. If your event will take place in the summer, a local park can be a spacious, affordable location.                                            
  4. Make sure you have the necessary supplies. Extra leashes, dog whistles, and water bowls will all come in handy during the event. Stock up on supplies beforehand to ensure that your event day runs smoothly. 
  5. Promote your training event. Advertise the event to a wider audience using your social media and email platforms. Let prospective attendees know what to expect from the event and how your organization will use the donations you receive. In addition, send personalized event invites to new pet parents who have just adopted a dog from your shelter. These individuals may be looking for opportunities to bond with their new pets and help them learn new skills. 

Dog Training Event Best Practices

The safety of pet parents and their dogs should be the top priority at your fundraiser. Your event should also be engaging and fun so that participants stay involved with your nonprofit over the long term. Here are a few best practices to help you pull off your dog training event without a hitch: 

  • Establish rules to keep dogs and people safe. Ask owners to keep their dogs leashed at all times and maintain a healthy distance between other pups to avoid any potential scuffles. Ask owners with dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs or people to refrain from participating. 
  • Offer free branded merchandise. Give away leashes, collars, tennis balls, frisbees, bandanas, or whistles that feature your organization’s logo and colors. This helps show your appreciation to attendees while promoting brand recognition for your cause. You can even create a treat bag full of dog treats for participating pups to take home. 
  • Create a certificate for participants. Celebrate the end of the training program by awarding pups and their owners with a certificate of completion. You can use a free graphic design platform like Canva to quickly design a certificate using a template. 
  • Send a follow-up email to participants. Thank attendees for their participation and donations and recap what they learned during the training program. Provide a few extra tips for skills that participants can work on at home to help their dogs maintain good habits. Also, give attendees multiple ways to stay in touch with your organization by spotlighting your social media pages and event calendar. 

Tips to Raise More at Your Dog Training Event Fundraiser

To maximize your dog training event’s fundraising potential, consider incorporating these additional fundraising ideas: 

  • Offer additional services at your event. For example, you might combine your dog training event with a dog-washing fundraiser to open an additional revenue stream. This lets dog owners teach their pups new skills and spruce them up all in one day!
  • Ask for in-kind donations. Ask attendees to bring in any extra pet supplies they have around the house, such as water and food bowls, leashes, collars, and cleaning supplies. 
  • Partner with a local business. Reach out to local businesses in your area that you’ve worked with in the past or that you think would make for a good event sponsor, such as a local veterinary office or pet supply store. Ask if they would sponsor your event to help you cover supply costs, venue rental expenses, and any other overhead costs. 
  • Highlight matching gift opportunities. Let attendees know that they may be eligible to get their donations matched through their employers’ corporate philanthropy program. If your organization uses a matching gift tool that offers autosubmission, donors can apply to get their donations matched directly from your online giving form.