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Planning a Fashion Show Fundraiser: 8 Steps

Keep your fundraising event planning process organized by following these eight steps:

1. Pick a venue.

The most important thing to consider when picking a venue is where the models will walk. Ideally, there will be some sort of stage. Look into renting a theater or auditorium. If there are dressing rooms for the models to change, then even better!

2. Choose a theme.

It’s not essential to have a theme for your fashion show, but it could make your event extra fun! The possibilities are endless. For example, you could host a back-to-school fashion show for kids or a wedding fashion show featuring gowns from a local bridal shop.

3. Partner with a local clothing store or designer.

What makes a fashion show a fashion show more than fashion? The best way to obtain outfits for your models to wear is by seeing if any local clothing stores or designers would be willing to donate or lend some of their clothing. They’ll even get some free advertising out of it!

4. Find your models.

Start out by asking members of your organization if they’re interested in walking in the show. If you need more models, you might have to open it up to the local community. 

5. Recruit volunteers.

From selling tickets, to helping the models change, to emceeing the event, there’s a lot that needs to be done to make sure a fashion show runs smoothly. Again, look to your organization first and then see if anyone in your community can help you out.

6. Advertise your event.

To make sure you have a large audience at your fashion show, you’ll need to spread the word. Use several different methods for the best effect, such as social media, emails, flyers, and more. Make sure to advertise the event on your website and have any participating vendors feature it on theirs as well. To sell tickets seamlessly, provide a link or QR code to your event registration page in any applicable marketing materials. 

7. Think about other fundraising opportunities.

If you want to make a little extra money at your fashion show, you may want to think about other possible ways to fundraise. These could include selling concessions and custom t-shirts or hosting a raffle.

8. Enjoy your event!

Fashion shows put the fun in fundraising, and don’t forget about that! It can be easy to get overwhelmed when planning a large event, but remember to soak it all in on the big day and have the best time!

6 Things You'll Need for Your Fashion Show Fundraiser

If you’re hosting a fashion show fundraiser, you’ll want to do it right. Here are the essentials for planning your event:

1. A venue

Try to find one with a stage if possible.

2. Models

Someone needs to wear the clothing! These can be members of your organization or volunteers from your community.

3. A local clothing store or designer

Finding someone to supply the clothing for your event is key. Make sure they know that you’ll include their logo in your marketing efforts and introduce them at the event to give them some free advertising.

4. Seating

No one wants to watch a show standing up. If your venue doesn’t have built-in seating, see if you can rent or borrow folding chairs from someone in your community.

5. Marketing materials

To make sure people show up to your event, you’ll need to get the word out. Create marketing materials such as social media posts, newsletters, fliers, and an event page on your organization’s website.

6. Volunteers

You’ll likely need several volunteers to help with all aspects of the event, including selling tickets, helping the models get dressed, and emceeing the show.

Fashion Show Theme Inspiration

Make your fashion show extra fun with a theme. Here are some elements to consider when choosing yours:

  • Season/time of year
  • Eras of fashion
  • Type of clothing
  • Location or culture
  • Age of models
  • Current fashion trends