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Does your company have the resources to help organizations host a lip sync contest?

How to Organize a Lip Sync Contest

It’s no secret that the key to every great performance is great preparation and planning. To set your lip sync contest up for success, follow these essential steps:

1. Find a venue.

First and foremost, your lip sync contest needs a stage for performers to perform on. There are quite a few location options ideal for crowds and music, such as:

  • Live music venues
  • School gyms or auditoriums
  • Local bars or restaurants
  • Parks

As you decide the best venue to host your supporters’ lip syncing glory, keep in mind that it should be large enough to accommodate a crowd and fit within your budget.

2. Attract performers.

People of all ages can take to the stage for a performance! All they need to share is a love of music and a desire to contribute to your organization’s cause. Create email updates, social media posts, and flyers calling for performers in your local community and directing them to your online fundraising page to pay a participation fee.

Offer several categories for performers to compete in, such as solo lip sync participants and group performances. To make the opportunity even more enticing, consider adding categories based on music genre—for instance, Disney songs, classic rock, and rap to name a few.

3. Promote your lip sync contest.

Once you’ve acquired your performers, help them shine in front of a lively audience by attracting supporters from your community to come watch and vote on each performance. Promote your upcoming lip sync contest both online and through printed flyers around your venue. Be sure to include a link to your event landing page on all communications, so anyone who is interested in attending can immediately purchase a ticket for admission.

4. Start the music!

At this stage, you have everything you need to kick off an amazing lip sync contest to support your cause! Arrive early to set up all of the necessary sound equipment and perform a mic check. Once the performers and audience come pouring into your venue, it’s time to start the music.

More Ways to Raise Funds at a Lip Sync Contest

While selling admission and participation tickets to raise funds may already be music to your ears, there are several ways to encourage additional contributions from your supporters:

  • Sell snacks and refreshments. Enhance the viewer experience by offering food and drinks to those watching the performances.
  • Sell branded merchandise. Selling merchandise such as t-shirts and mugs at your lip sync contest can offer wonderful mementos for event attendees to take home.
  • Take pictures and videos of performances. Consider taking pictures and videos that performers can purchase at the end of the event.
  • Incorporate text-to-give. Encourage supporters to make donations during your lip sync contest by implementing text-to-give alongside your event. You can even create multiple keywords for different categories or performers that attendees can text to make a gift.

There’s nothing more appealing than bringing your community closer with music entertainment and the chance to support your organization’s impact. Make the most of this opportunity by implementing these ideas into your lip sync contest.