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How a Night at the Museum Fundraiser Works

Night at the museum fundraisers are simple in concept—essentially, you sell tickets to an all-night event at your museum. Or, if your nonprofit does not manage a museum, then you would partner with a museum to host this event. Your nonprofit will keep the sales from the tickets, and in exchange, your attendees will have a unique and entertaining experience.

You can adapt this fundraiser to any level of formality, from black-tie to a casual family sleepover. Since this event takes place all night, you’ll want to offer food and drinks so attendees stay happy. You can also include special events or acts, such as a live band, so that attendees remain engaged and entertained.

A night at the museum fundraiser is also a great opportunity to reward and make connections with museum members. Offer special perks for members such as discounted tickets, free drinks, or the best seats for any special performances.

In terms of organizing the event and ensuring it runs smoothly, have your staff work in shifts. That way, when they get tired, they’ll be able to take a break. Encourage them to switch between tasks throughout the night, so that they remain engaged with what they’re doing.

Night at the Museum Themes

Because this fundraising event can be customized to any level of formality, there are many themes that you could implement. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Kid’s night. Focus on making this an educational and enriching event for children. Offer family-friendly activities like board games and puzzles alongside your educational activities.
  • Dance. Host a dance-themed event by clearing out a large space in the middle of your museum and encouraging attendees to dance the night away. You can even focus on specific types of dance, such as swing.
  • Interactive experience. For example, you can hire actors to impersonate historical figures and give monologues to your guests. It’ll be an interesting way for them to learn about the featured exhibits of your museum.

Other Museum Fundraisers

Aside from hosting a Night at the Museum fundraiser, you can also try one of these:

  • Local artists auction. Partner with a local art museum and use the venue to host an auction of local artists’ work.
  • Special museum tours. If there’s an expert in town, invite them to head a tour at your museum, providing their wealth of knowledge to attendees.
  • Scavenger hunt. Museums are ideal locations for this family-friendly fundraiser. Invite children and adults alike to look for specific items in your exhibits, and offer a prize to the winner.