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Does your company have the resources to help organizations host a pool party?

How to Organize a Pool Party Fundraiser

Follow these four essential steps to ensure that your pool party goes swimmingly:

1. Find a location for your pool party.

Before you plan any other aspect of your pool party, it’s crucial to nail down the star of the show—your pool. Consider reaching out to public pools or YMCAs in your area to see if they’d be willing to partner with your organization for the fundraiser. They may even be willing to put up flyers promoting your fundraiser in the days leading up to your pool party.

2. Recruit volunteers.

Reach out to your nonprofit’s current supporters to enlist dedicated volunteers to assist with your pool party. There are a number of helpful roles that they can fill, including:

  • Setting up the party
  • Welcoming guests
  • Supervising swimmers
  • Cleaning up after the party

To create a safe environment for your pool party, be sure to recruit licensed lifeguards. This ensures that you and your staff can focus on raising funds for your cause while providing an enjoyable experience for all party attendees.

3. Promote your pool party.

Spread the word about your upcoming pool party by promoting it across multiple platforms. Your supporters have varying preferences when it comes to their preferred methods of communication, so get in front of as many of them as possible by:

  • Sharing your pool party on social media.
  • Including details about your pool party in your email newsletter.
  • Printing out flyers for your pool party.

In each of your promotional materials, be sure to include a link or a QR code to your website’s event registration page. That way, people who are interested in attending your pool party can immediately pay their entry fee and sign up.

4. Let the party begin!

Once you’ve built up enough excitement leading up to your fundraiser, it’s time to let the pool party begin! Have a variety of pool floats and towels available so that your attendees have everything they need to enjoy the party. Additionally, take the time to brainstorm some games you can arrange to engage party guests, such as pool volleyball and noodle relay races.

After the fundraiser, follow up with your supporters to thank them for coming out to support your organization. In addition to sending thank-you messages to them individually, you can even create a few social media posts with images that capture the excitement of the event. This ensures that they stay invested in the cause and remember their positive experience with your organization.

4 More Ways to Raise Funds at a Pool Party

Make an even bigger splash in your fundraising efforts by incorporating these ideas into your pool party:

  • Sell branded merchandise, such as hats or sunglasses.
  • Put up a concession stand.
  • Hold raffles.
  • Sell professional photos.

Your supporters will appreciate having multiple options for contributing to your cause beyond paying entry fees. Adding a few of these additional ideas can make your pool party more engaging and raise even more funds for your organization!