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Does your company have the resources to help organizations host a rubber duck race?

Rubber Duck Race FAQs

To set you up for success with planning your rubber duck race fundraiser, here are a few frequently asked questions to consider:

What is a rubber duck race?

A rubber duck race is an unforgettable fundraising event that involves setting a number of these floating toys down a river or canal until they cross a designated finish line. Attendees can pay a fee to adopt one of these ducks before the race and receive a prize if their chosen duck wins.

What do I need to organize a rubber duck race?

There are several key supplies and resources you’ll need for your rubber duck race, including:

  • Rubber ducks. To acquire a significant number of these little competitors, consider purchasing them in bulk online or renting them from companies that specialize in rubber duck fundraising.
  • Volunteers. You’ll need quite a few volunteers to welcome event attendees, manage rubber duck adoptions, and conduct the race.
  • A waterway. Your rubber ducks will need a river or canal to race down. Be sure to obtain any necessary permits once you’ve decided on a location.
  • Permanent markers. Once a supporter adopts a duck, they’ll need a way to tell it apart from the others. Equip your volunteers with permanent, waterproof markers to mark each duck with a unique identification number.
  • Prizes. This can be anything from branded merchandise to gift cards.

Factor these into your event budget in advance, so that your staff and volunteers have everything they need to create a smooth experience for all attendees.

How else can I raise funds with a rubber duck race?

In addition to charging duck adoption fees, your organization can boost its revenue by leveraging these fundraising ideas:

  • Text-to-give. Make it easy for attendees to support your cause by promoting text-to-give during your event. This allows them to make convenient donations from their mobile devices whenever they’d like.
  • Snacks and refreshments. Set up a concession stand so that attendees can grab a beverage and a bite to eat while watching the rubber duck race.
  • Branded merchandise. Give your supporters the opportunity to take home some high-quality mementos of your event by selling branded merchandise such as hats and t-shirts.
  • Raffles. Boost engagement and raise more funds by holding raffles during the event.

By implementing some of these options, you’ll be able to keep your attendees interested throughout the fundraiser and offer multiple ways for them to support your cause.

How to Promote Your Rubber Duck Race

In order for your rubber duck race to be an exciting experience, you’ll need a large number of competitors. This is where your pre-event promotion comes in.

Encourage your organization’s supporters to attend your upcoming fundraiser and adopt a rubber duck by promoting the event on multiple platforms. For instance, create a dedicated event page for your rubber duck race and offer supporters the opportunity to adopt their ducks in advance. By drumming up additional excitement through social media posts and emails, you’ll be able to maximize your event attendance and watch the funds come floating in.