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FAQ: The Fundamentals of Scratch Card Fundraising

Run through these frequently asked questions to master the art of scratch card fundraising and start planning your own campaign!

How do scratch card fundraisers work?

Scratch card fundraisers are incredibly easy to host. The scratch cards themselves are very similar to lottery scratch cards, except the numbers hidden underneath signify donation amounts that supporters will make to your nonprofit.

First, you will need to either design and print your own scratch cards or partner with a scratch card fundraising service. If you’re looking to save as much money as possible and still work with high-quality cards, we recommend seeking out a fundraising service. Not only will you save time and money on production, but most fundraising services deduct a percentage from your earnings—meaning that no matter you won’t be losing money on the fundraiser.

After that, all you need to do is give these scratch cards to volunteers who then entice donors to “play” for a donation amount, make their donations, and even share scratch cards with their family and friends.

How can you encourage donors to “play” your scratch cards?

While some donors will be happy to play your scratch cards just for the simple fun of trying their luck and supporting your cause, there are other incentives you can use to boost participation in your campaign.

For example, you might offer small prizes to donors for playing, with donors who give bigger donations getting greater rewards. This could include branded t-shirts, stickers, buttons, snacks, or small puzzles and toys.

Or, if you really want to ramp things up and entice donors, you can offer coupons to local restaurants and other businesses. You can obtain these high-value incentives through corporate sponsorships. Alternatively, some scratch card fundraising services offer these coupons as a part of your partnership with them.

How can you improve the performance of your scratch card fundraiser?

To ensure that your scratch card fundraiser is as successful and as engaging as possible, keep these best practices front of mind:

  • Keep a careful record of where, when, how many, and by whom scratch cards were passed out and donations were made
  • Recruit plenty of motivated volunteers to distribute scratch cards
  • Motivate and acknowledge the support of volunteers and donors
  • Share scratch cards during fundraising events, with many donors in one place

While scratch card fundraising is fairly easy—especially in comparison to events and other ongoing campaigns!—taking these extra steps can be a big help to ensure that your fundraiser is well organized and run with the passion it deserves. 

Other Fundraisers to Pair with Scratch Cards

Scratch card fundraisers work just fine on their own, but why not pair them with other events and ideas to maximize revenue for both campaigns? Let’s take a look at a few fundraising events and initiatives that would pair well with your ongoing scratch card campaign.

Fairs and Carnivals

Community events like fairs and carnivals are filled to the brim with different fundraising opportunities, like raffles, merchandise sales, and (of course) scratch cards. Consider opening up a booth in your fair where volunteers entice attendees to play a card and donate in return for small prizes.


Similar to fairs and carnivals, galas are also notable for their inclusion of additional fundraising opportunities, such as auctions and raffles. So, why not include a table with shiny scratch cards for attendees to play, if they’re so inclined?

Keep in mind that galas are fancier and more lavish occasions, so don’t hound donors and call out for them to participate in your scratch card campaign in the same way you might at a carnival.

Additionally, gala scratch cards should not only have slightly higher donation ranges hidden underneath, but also bigger prizes and rewards for participants. This is a great time to break out the aforementioned fancy restaurant coupons and other high-value experiences.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a classic medium for sending personalized event invitations, traditional fundraising appeals, and (if you’re so inclined) fundraising scratch cards. This cheeky, playful addition to your direct mail campaigns can be a fun way to raise more revenue and further engage supporters in this timeless channel of communication.

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