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Movie night fundraiser FAQs

Where should I show the movie?

A perk of movie night fundraisers is that you actually have a lot of room for creativity when it comes to choosing a venue! Here are some fun ways to show the film:

  • Drive-in: If you have an open field or parking lot, speakers, a large screen, and a projector, show your movie outside and create a classic, drive-in experience.
  • Projector: Projectors can really be set up anywhere. Placing it in front of a blank wall is an easy way to display the movie where everyone can see it.
  • Sleep-over style: Find a blank wall or screen to project the movie onto and invite attendees to bring their sleeping bags. Move this idea outside for a camp-style movie night.

If you’re worried about finding a venue, look around your organization’s property for creative viewing options. If you still can’t find a good place, consider asking local recreation centers, schools, or churches. They might charge a low fee or let you use the venue for free if they want to support your cause.

How do I choose a movie for a movie night fundraiser?

Since the whole point of a movie night fundraiser is to engage your supporters in a fun way, ask them what they’d like to see! Social media polls can be super helpful, since platforms like Instagram will automatically produce the poll results for you.

When you’re presenting ideas, keep your audience in mind. For example, if you’re raising money for your middle school and know that your audience will mostly consist of your students, choose an age-appropriate movie that they’ll find entertaining.

What volunteers will I need?

There are only a few roles that are necessary for a movie night fundraiser, but you have the option to provide optional services in addition to showing the movie. Here are some roles you might need to fill for your movie night:

  • Ticket sales: If you choose to sell tickets in-person at the door, recruit a few volunteers to manage this process and the funds they collect. These volunteers can also check virtual tickets at the entrance to make sure you only let in people who actually bought a ticket.
  • Projectionist: You’ll need someone to start the movie, fix the projector if there are any issues, adjust the volume, etc.
  • Concessions: Popcorn is a classic expectation at the movie theater, and you might want to sell it at your movie night, too! Any profits can further support your cause and your audience will enjoy having something to snack on during the movie.
  • Clean-up crew: Delegate clean-up to a few volunteers. They might clean up any messes made during the night, like spilled drinks or popcorn. They will also stay afterward to make sure the venue is clean.
  • Speaker: You know the purpose of your movie night, but it’s important to remind your audience what it’s all about. Get a volunteer to speak before the movie starts playing and give a brief explanation of your cause and how their contributions are supporting it.
  • Event monitor: Especially if your audience mostly consists of younger kids, it can be helpful to have a volunteer or two monitoring the venue to make sure everything is going smoothly.
  • Parking assistant: Ask a few volunteers to help attendees find parking spaces, especially if you choose to host your movie night drive-in style.

Ideally, you’ll have supporters who are dedicated to your organization and happy to volunteer. Delegate these roles to people who are excited to help so they can get your audience pumped for the movie, too!

How should I sell tickets?

You can sell your tickets online, at the door, or both. Your attendees might appreciate the option to secure their ticket and seat ahead of time, so consider selling tickets online before the event. This will also help you plan for the size of your audience and know when to stop selling tickets (in case your venue isn’t large enough to hold all your attendees.)

It can be helpful to offer both options so that you appeal to people of any preferences. Plus, you might get some last-minute donations if you don’t pressure your attendees to purchase in advance.